In this section, I am disclosing the latest Western Union carding guide you need to instantly card money.

Honestly, you will not find a Western Union carding tutorial compared to what I am offering you for free. Most carding sites expect you to pay a few hundred dollars so that they can card for you, or better yet, run away with your CC or card details.

Here are the steps regarding the Western Union carding method:

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  1. Get a CC card or a credit card with all the details

Usually you need UK or US CC. If you can’t buy a CC online, consider phishing a customer for their CC. I recommend phishing an older client, especially with Yahoo methods like FBI format, dating billing, grant format, military format, etc.

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If you have the card, here is the information you need:

  • Credit card number  :
  • Card type  : (Credit or debit)
  • Card name  :
  • Exp. Date  :
  • Cvv2 or CVV  :

Make sure you have the name of the bank. Otherwise, check the BIN list.

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  1. Change the proxy for the address on the card / CC

You need to change proxy to CC location or credit card proxy. For example, if the CC is for the US bank and the state is Washington, you need to change your proxy to Washington.

If you are using a VPN, change the country to the United States or the United Kingdom, depending on where the credit card was registered. In this way, when you access the Western Union account, the site will not detect an IP address other than the location of the card.

  1. Visit the Western Union website

After setting up a proxy to match the location of the card, go to the Western Union website .

When the website detects the US or UK IP address, it will redirect you to the US webpage. If you are not redirected, select United States on the website.

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  1. Enter postal code

Western Union website will ask for zip code, enter zip code that matches CC or credit card. Normally you should find the option on the right side of the web page.

You may need to enter the following information (if required) as it matches your CC.

  • Name  :
  • First name  :
  • Middle name  :
  • Name of spouse  :
  • Father’s name  :
  • Billing address  :
  • City  :
  • State  :
  • Postal code  :
  • Country  :
  • Phone number  :

Make no mistake when entering the postal code as an error in the number could refer to a different postal address.

If you enter an amount of money to transfer, do not exceed $ 100 and select the country you want to send the money to (your country).

  1. Set options as below

When a new web page opens on the website, you will be asked to configure some options, which you need to configure as shown below:

Online »Credit card» Minute to minute »Pay to agent.

After selecting the options as shown above, Western Union will provide you with the estimated charges.


  1. Register now

Provide the information on the card. Below is the required information:

  • Name  :
  • First name  :
  • Middle name  :
  • Name of spouse  :
  • Father’s name  :
  • Billing address  :
  • Country  :
  • City  :
  • State  :
  • Postal code  :
  • Phone number  :  (must match the country)
  1. Confirm email id

After entering the above information, the website will request an email verification. Provide an email ID, username, and password, then click  Continue  .

Then enter the name of the receiver and the state. Enter the name of your country and click  Continue  .

Finally, enter the security question and answer and click  Continue  .

Once registration is complete, the website will show an overview of your profile settings and information. Click OK if you entered the information correctly.

You will receive a congratulatory message from Western Union with your MTCN (10 digit number).

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