Is it safe?

Yes it is absolutely safe

Do you accept Escrow?


How do you prove that you are legitimate?

We have been working for years and looking at the professionalism of our team members and the positive responses from our clients, you can be confident that we are legitimate. If you don’t receive a card or other order, we will refund the money to you!

When can you send my order?

Immediately after payment, we will receive notification of your order and process it. If you have ordered cvv, fullz, or log we will ship your order within 10min. If you have ordered a transfer, we will send it to you within 1-1.5 hours.

Is it safe to receive the cards at my address?

All cards are safe to deliver and are not prohibited items. We make sure to send the cards in safe packages such as: greeting cards, magazines and more. In addition, our cards look exactly like a regular credit card with high quality printing and embossing.

Is it safe to receive money in my personal PayPal account?

Yes absolutely sure. As we explained, the money will be sent from a clean and verified account with a six month transaction history.

What is the difference between a cloned card and a prepaid card?

CLONED CARD is a card whose details have been copied using a dedicated device called an “ATM Skimmer” or by hacking into credit card databases on the Internet. The card is associated with a person’s bank account

PREPAID CARD is a card that can be used anywhere and that accepts a Visa or MasterCard, but the difference is that it is a card that is not associated with any bank account and that does not have any personal information. identification and therefore its use is completely anonymous!

Do you provide a PIN code?

Yes. All cards have a magnetic strip and a chip with a 4-digit PIN code

Which countries do you ship to?

We can send cards to any country

In which countries can I use it?

Visa and MasterCard are international cards, and you can withdraw them at any ATM.

Can I use it online? | Can I use it for online payments?

Yes you can. You can use our cards to make online purchases or other online payments

Why don’t you withdraw yourself?

Of course, we are withdrawing for ourselves. But we can’t cash a lot of money in a small town because it’s dangerous. It is also very dangerous to cooperate with agents in other cities, as they may be police officers. It is easier and safer for us to handle the sale. We also believe in Bitcoin and hope to get rich from it.

We have laid out some ground rules to protect our services.

  • We will NOT be responsible after you receive funds in your Paypal, Cashapp accounts if it gets limited for being new or unverified. 
    • We will NOT be responsible for Paypal, Cashapp funds under review for the same reason explained above.
    • In general, we will NOT be responsible for any account limitations on the client-side in the case where the account is provided by the client, it is your responsibility to know the limits of your account.
    • We will RESEND FUND that was chargeback/reversed ONLY within the first 96 hours of you receiving funds/transfers, 4 days is plenty of time for you to move or withdraw funds, after the 4 days we will NOT be responsible if the funds are reversed due to a chargeback.
    • We need clear and visible “VIDEO PROOF” showing the chargeback/reversal of funds along with the transaction history of the transfer.
    • There will be NO replacement transfer on accounts, if they get limited because you’re too lazy and did not bother using SOCKS5.
    • There will be NO replacement of account if funds were successfully cashed out, its common sense after cashing out the account will be burned automatically after a few days as soon as the chargeback is initiated.
    • If you try to scam us by lying to us or manipulating videos/screenshots in any way you will be banned from future use of our services, this is a straightforward business you enable us to make $ we return the favor by enabling you to make $$$.
    • We are running a fair shop and ideally, we would like to run this as long as we possibly can, having said that, all refunds are at our discretion, we will always make fair decisions.
    • When you place the order with us and provide us with your specified details, please review your own email details before sending them to us, you can NOT change the details after sending them to us while we are working on delivering your order.
    • Do NOT contact us asking for Partnerships, we will ban you instantly. 
    • Do not contact us asking for ‘TEST’ or “Free Money” we will ban you instantly, it takes money to make money if you are not willing to spend $ to make $$$ sadly we are not the right fit for you please look elsewhere.
    • We will NOT responsible for you getting your bank drop BLOCKED, if we sell you a bank drop for the US and you login from Australia the bank drop will be killed instantly or trigger security measures such as POI/POA request that will not be possible to pass.
    • When buying CC info you have 120 mins (if you buy more than one that will be 120 minutes X CARD-AMOUNT) to ask for a replacement if the card is dead/decline, considering you have used all the precautionary measures on your side.
    • When asking for CC replacement you will show us video proof of card decline or dead.
    • When we will send you a CC replacement we will accompany that with a Screenshot proof of the second card being alive.
    • Cashapp transfers have only 1 replacement if funds are frozen or chargeback within our guaranteed timeframe, everything we sell we do ourself the reason we sell is that we have more a lot of supply and we have partnered with vendors who also have a lot of quality stuff to offer.
    • We need clear and visible VIDEO PROOF of the chargeback/frozen/reversed funds for CashApp transfers.
    • It’s NOT always possible to cancel an order if it is already being processed.
    • Do NOT make an order if you do not intend to pay for it. Making an order and not paying for it will get you banned from using our services.
    • All orders are to be paid within 60 minutes, our system will automatically cancel your order after 1 hour if no payment is made.
    • We accept BITCOIN, LITECOIN, ETH as our form of payment at this moment.
    • Contact us ONLY if you have any serious questions and we will be happy to answer them, do NOT contact us with silly generic questions that are so obvious that we didn’t even bother putting them on our site if you contacted us and did not receive a reply you can take a hint that your questions were not worth replying to. PLEASE NOTE:  These terms above are by no means exhaustive, we can take action outside of our terms if we feel it right to do so. This is a fair shop for everyone to come and make $$$ while we also make $ in the process.We welcome everyone, especially our loyal customer base on our site.

      Happy Carding!
      CCCASHAREA Team. 

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